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Trek up Mount Kinabalu plus other adventures with an experienced UK leader

Mount Kinabalu has been described as "the most wonderful mountain in the world". No mountain exceeds Kinabalu in its sheer strength and stark simplicity. Lacking foothills it appears to shoot straight up into the sky. It's jagged granite peaks floating above the clouds. One of the biggest attractions of Mount Kinabalu is the range of exotic plants. As you ascend the mountain the climate changes and so do the plants. Also an immensely rich variety of bird and animal species are encountered.
It was due to this rich diversity of botanical treasures that the park was recently granted World Heritage Status. Along with the ascent of mount Kinalabalu, we will also trek through the Jungle and learn survival from the local Dusan tribal people. You can also included is a wildlife cruise and snorkelling on a tropical Island.

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