Trek in Scotland

Weekend training for your Nepal trek

There is no charge for these walking weeks you will only have to pay for your accommodation, which we can arrange locally from either hotels or B+B guesthouses.

For our groups that are going trekking in Nepal with us, we offer a special weekend group get together in the Scottish highlands. These provide an opportunity to meet your fellow travellers, and also get your self in good shape for the treks in Nepal. Our training weekends are based in the heart of the Perthshire highlands of Scotland.

These weekends benefit our guests in many ways. The first is getting up in the hills and walking for a few days, in a mountain environment and terrain looking at fitness, walking pace etc. The second is talking through all medical issues and questions you may have regarding altitude, heat problems, foot issues and so forth. The third is discussing the day to day logistics of the trek you have chosen and specific issues regarding sleeping warm at night,expectations etc. The fourth benefit is meeting with others who are undertaking the same type of trek or who have already done the trek or similar challenges. The final benefit is to look at all aspects of trekking equipment that people have and discuss the merits and pitfalls of the different types. There is also the fun part of a week or weekend away in the Scottish mountains!

For people that are doing the Island Peak trek, we will have a day of training in the basic techniques that you will need, as part of the itinerary while on trek